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In order to be on the show, you need the right software and equipment. This helps us to produce a top-quality recording. We have recording sessions that can be broken down into two categories.
If you are asked to be on the show, this is what you need to install and have on-hand:


  • Headphones
    In order to prevent echo and any other type of feedback, headphones must be worn. It is preferred that you use cupped headphone that completely surround the ears. This helps to prevent any echoing.
  • Microphone
    If you have a headset with microphone attached, then you are all set. However, desktop microphones are acceptable. You just need to remember to keep the distance between your mouth and the microphone fairly consistent in order to keep the volume of your voice consistent. This is why a headset microphone is preferred.
  • Broadband
    You need a decent internet connection in order to send a decent audio signal. We need a good signal to get a good recording. If your connection is less than 128kbps, we won’t get a good enough signal for the recording.

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