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MODSonair is a live program bringing you the weekly news from a modders perspective. Composed primarily of game enthusiasts from the MODSonline community, we talk about gaming and how it relates to the modding community. We record our shows early in the week and release the episode every Friday. Our topics are created from news articles found on various websites that influence the gaming and modding community now or in the future.

While we originally started only producing weekly audio podcasts, we have since upgraded. We now produce the show live on where visitors can chat about the topics as we discuss them. The shows are recorded and released as audio files at the end of the week as usual, but we also offer the videos on YouTube. You never have to miss an episode, but if you don’t show up for the live show, you won’t be able to join in on the discussions.

Occasionally, we will produce a special episode. Often, this is an interview with a mod team or developer where we can gain insight into their projects. If you are interested in being a part of one of these special episodes, contact us and tell us why.

Our hosts are regulars on the show, yet we will occasionally ask a new voice to join us. We get several emails each week from people asking us if they can be a part of the show. Unfortunately, we are very limited to the number of people we can talk to at the same time. Also, when we do have an empty seat, it’s often a last minute issue that either has us looking for someone an hour before the show or simply not filling the empty seat at all. If you contact us to be on the show, please don’t feel bad if we do not ask you join.

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