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MODSonair Episode 464

The week ending Feb 22, 2015 in gaming news from a modders perspective brought to you by

Hosts: foyleman, Stryder, ham, Welshy, Breesy


MODSonair is a live show bringing you the week in gaming news every Sunday at 12pm EST. We are gamers, modders and developers talking software, hardware and related topics for the PC, consoles and similar devices.

**This show may contain explicit language or adult themes.

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Show notes:


[Ham’s picks]

  1. A New Challenge Awaits: Random Scenerio Generator for Your Existing Games:

  2. Kickstarted Game, Strafe, Mixes 1990’s FPS vibes w/ Procedural Maps, Has Demo:

  3. Free DLC: Hotline Miami’s Sequel Gets a 5-Part Prequel Comic:

  4. Steam Expands its Streaming Video Player Features, now hosting films + Killing Floor Short Film:

  5. SquareEnix Reviving 3 Old IP’s so that YOU can Fund & Make the Game Yourself, Then Give Them  Money:

  6. Games Based on Games: World of Tanks Gets a Digital Card Game, Enters Closed Beta:

  7. Do We Really Need This: UK Getting an ESports Arena:

  8. Diablo III is Getting Microtransactions, but only in Asia:

  9. Epic Offering Grants for People Developing with Unreal Engine 4, Giving Away up to $5M Total:`

  10. Now Twitch is Getting a Con too:


[foyle’s picks]

  1. Can an iPhone Match the Xbox 360?

  2. Microsoft will let anyone be an Xbox One app developer

  3. PlayStation charity gives you a chance to play with superstars

  4. ‘Doom’ selfie mod lets you indulge your ego while slaying demons

  5. Vote your favorite video game into a hall of fame

  6. ‘Halo’ die-hards will get their very own motorcycle helmet in July

  7. Epic Games is giving away $5 million to Unreal Engine 4 developers
    Epic Games head believes VR will ‘change the world’

  8. Dirty Bomb Stress Test

  9. Lenovo PCs ship with man-in-the-middle adware that breaks HTTPS connections

  10. How to build a high-end, overclocked PC (as written by an idiot)

  11. Jerk Headcrab

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