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MODSonair Episode 278

The week ending April 17, 2011 in gaming news from a modders perspective brought to you by the new and improved MODSonline.

This show:
Xtion Pro PC motion sensor, Free-to-Play Xbox Live Games Coming, Black Ops Mod Tools in May, Battlefield 3 trailer, Garry’s Mod catches pirates, Portal 2 Cheaper at BestBuy, GLaDOS Infects Other Games, Full Minecraft Release, Minecraft Grosses $33M, Alice: Madness Returns, Nuclear Dawn, Bulletstorm Demo, GTA V 2012 release, Operation Flashpoint: Red River Co-Op MP, A game retailer employee spills, PS3 Reverse Engineering Blog, more…

Hosts: foyleman, Stryder, Welshy, Mrsfoyle


**This show may contain explicit language or adult themes.

Run time: 69:12
Website Link: HERE
Video: Watch on Vimeo or on

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Show Notes:

– Opener ——————————————————-

- Mailbag [mixed in below now]

- ModsonGaming E-Sports

– Hardware —————————————————–

- Unity Corporation releases Xtion Pro PC motion sensor in Japan

– Consoles —————————————————–

- Free-to-Play Games Coming to Xbox Live

– Modding ——————————————————

- Black Ops Mod Tools Should Arrive in May!5791861/black-ops-mod-tools-should-arrive-in-may

– Gaming ——————————————————

- Battlefield 3 trailer will unlock with one million Facebook likes

- Garry’s Mod catches pirates the fun way [SAM]

- Portal 2 Cheaper at BestBuy

- GLaDOS@Home distributed computational grid status

- GLaDOS Infects Other Games

- Full Minecraft Release on 11/11/11

- Minecraft Grosses ~$33M

- Alice: Madness Returns Exclusive Preview;title;2&mode=previews

- Nuclear Dawn Teaser

- Bulletstorm Demo

- Gamestop lists GTA V, 2012 release mentioned

- Operation Flashpoint: Red River – Co-Op MP video

– Business —————————————————–

- A game retailer employee fires back

– Other ——————————————————–

PS3 Linux And Hypervisor Reverse Engineering Blog [SAM]

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