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MODSonair Episode 264

The week ending January 9, 2011 in gaming news from a modders perspective brought to you by the new and improved MODSonline.

This show:
MODSonGaming, IBM Patent Troll, Ocosmos, Razer Switchblade, Creative 3D Omega headphones, Razer Chimaera, Calibur11 Vault, PlayStation Phone, Sony’s 3D head-mounted display, Vizio Internet Apps, Livescribe hack, Mac App Store, Dell Alienware, Official Kinect PC support, Avatar Kinect, Alberta Chooses PC over Console, MineCraft’s 1 million sales, Call of Duty: Pay to Play, Gaming Tournament Patent, more…

Hosts: foyleman, Stryder, Welshy, Jynx, Mrsfoyle


**This show may contain explicit language or adult themes.

Run time: 72:32
Website Link: HERE
Video: Watch on Vimeo or on

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Show Notes:

– Opener ——————————————————-

- MODSonGaming

- SkunkDogz BFBC2 Vietnam

– Hardware —————————————————–

- IBM Files the Patent Troll Patent [SAM]

- Ocosmos showcases next-gen OCS1 Windows 7 handhelds at CES 2011

- Razer Switchblade

- Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Omega headphones have a long name, connect to PC and game consoles wirelessly

- Razer Chimaera emerges at CES 2011, starts shipping to consumers

- Calibur11 Vault eyes-on, protecting your Xbox from tactical nukes and stuff

- PlayStation Phone

- Sony’s 3D head-mounted display prototype face-on

- Vizio Internet Apps adds Hulu Plus and Blockbuster On Demand

- Livescribe hack lets you play Zork with (smart) pen and paper

- Mac App Store hits one million downloads on day one

- Dell Alienware M17x and Aurora hands-on

- Microsoft Balmer hints that “Official” Kinect support on PC’s coming

– Consoles —————————————————–

- Avatar Kinect

- Video game extravaganza to contribute funds while gaming all night in Stony – Spruce Grove Examiner – Alberta, CA

– Modding ——————————————————

- MineCraft’s 1 million sales

– Gaming ——————————————————

- Call of Duty: Pay to Play in Q1 of 2011?

- Rumour: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Prequel

- Battle for Freedom Demo

-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim New Language

- Walker Digital Suing Zynga, Activision Blizzard Over Gaming Tournament Patent

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