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MODSonair Episode 244

The week ending August 15, 2010 in gaming news from a modders perspective brought to you by the new and improved MODSonline.

This show:
PlayStation Move block parties, PSP Go-like smartphone, Kinect Downgraded, Modern Warfare 2 bug gives free XBLA games, StarWarsMod: Galactic Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops RC car, Black Ops Zombies, Medal Of Honor, Be the Taliban, RAGE on the iPhone, No Tech 5 Licensing, RtCW and Enemy Territory Source Code, Crysis 2, STALKER 2, Left 4 Dead 2 Bi-weekly community campaign, more…

Hosts: foyleman, Stryder, Welshy, MrsFoyle


**This show may contain explicit language or adult themes.

Run time: 71:34
Website Link: HERE
Video: Watch on Vimeo or on

MODSonair Episode 244 from modsonair on Vimeo.

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Show Notes:

– Opener ——————————————————-

- Mailbag [mixed in below now]

- Maximize E-Sports

– Consoles —————————————————–

- Sony giving away PlayStation Move for block parties, along with completely wild freebies

- Exclusive: Sony Ericsson to introduce Android 3.0 gaming platform and PSP Go-like smartphone

- Kinect Downgraded To Save Money, Can’t Read Sign Language

- Modern Warfare 2 bug gives free XBLA games

– MODS in the News ——————————————–

- StarWarsMod: Galactic Warfare 0.8 Beta

– Modding ——————————————————

- MODSCON 2010 Left 4 Dead 2

– Gaming ——————————————————

- Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition ships with full-blown RC spy vehicle

- Black Ops Zombies Leaked

- Medal Of Honor Video Game, Exclusive Sniper Gameplay

- Video Game Lets You Be the Taliban – Video –

- RAGE is on for September 2011

- Carmack blows minds with id Software’s Rage, running on iPhone at 60fps with ‘megatextured’ graphics

- id: No Tech 5 Licensing

- Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory Source Code

- Crysis 2′s new release date


- Left 4 Dead 2 Bi-weekly community campaign

- Message To Valve – Steam Users’ Forums

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