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MODSonair Episode 185

This is episode 185 of MODSonair recorded live on June 21, 2009 and brought to you by

Happy Father’s day, Psyko 5.1 Gaming Headset, Gaming accessories for iPhone, DIY VR Game Gun, BF2 Project Reality, Zombie Community Mod, Nude Zoey, Stryder’s mapping tip + Mailbag =  CoD5WW Balance, Treyarch Talking Map Design, Valve SDK+ TF2 Maps + L4D, Wolfenstein Trailer, Battlefield 1943 Trial, Prototype Review, Ghostbusters: stick with 360, foyle’s rant – GameStop, more…

Hosts: foyleman, Jynx, Welshy, Stryder

**This show may contain explicit language or adult themes.

Run time: 66:38
Website Link: HERE
Video: Watch on Vimeo or On

MODSonair Episode 185 from modsonair on Vimeo.

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Show Notes:

– Opener ——————————————————-

- Happy Father’s day

– Hardware —————————————————–

- Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headset System

- Gaming accessories coming to iPod touch and iPhone with OS 3.0

- DIY VR Game Gun packs built-in motion tracking, optional mullet

– MODS in the News ——————————————–

- New BF2 Project Reality

- Zombie Community Mod Trailer

- L4D is NS4W With Nude Zoey Mod

– Modding ——————————————————

- Stryder’s mapping tip
- Mailbag
KillCrazy – CoD5WW Balance

– Gaming ——————————————————-

- Treyarch Devs Talking About Map Design on Inside Xbox

- Valve Releases Source SDK Update, Original TF2 Maps Available

- Valve Responds to L4D2 Boycott

- Left 4 Dead Patch Next Week

- New Steam Community Features

- Wolfenstein Trailer

- Battlefield 1943 Trial Planned

- The Consensus: Prototype Review

- Ghostbusters: graphically, you’ll want to stick with the 360

- No Ghostbusters PC Multiplayer

- Ghostbusters, Featuring: Doritos! Product placement and the future of Video Games

– Politics, Companies, Events ———————————–

- foyle’s rant
– GameStop Says Addressable Market for Digital Distribution Won’t Exist Until 2014

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