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MODSonair Episode 182

This is episode 182 of MODSonair recorded live on May 31, 2009 and brought to you by

E3 This Week!, Mailbag – Should I mod a mod?, ASUS twin GeForce GTX 285s, WD 2TB Green Drive, Intel delays Core i5, GTA 4: The Ballad Of Gay Tony, Live Sky TV to Xbox 360, Tony Hawk’s Ride, Sony’s PSP Go, Afrika, Stryder’s mapping tip, Left 4 Dead Addicts, Modern Warfare 2, Brink, Homefront, The Saboteu, Natural Selection 2, CrimeCraft Best Buy Exclusive, Front Mission Evolved, Wolfenstein in August, Used Games = Thumbprint, foyle’s rant: PC vs Console, Weekly Sales, more…

Hosts: foyleman, Jynx, Welshy, Stryder

**This show may contain explicit language or adult themes.

Run time: 70:42
Website Link: HERE
Video: Watch on Vimeo or On

MODSonair Episode 182 from modsonair on Vimeo.

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Show Notes:

– Opener ——————————————————-

- E3 This Week!

- Mailbag – Should I mod a mod?

– Hardware —————————————————–

- ASUS Mars GPU weds twin GeForce GTX 285s, might just melt your face

- Western Digital 2TB Green Drive Tested

- Intel delays debut of Core i5 platform until early September

– Consoles —————————————————–

- New GTA 4 DLC Announced: The Ballad Of Gay Tony (Xbox 360)

- Live Sky TV coming to Xbox 360 in UK and Ireland, hooligan avatars to follow

- Tony Hawk’s Ride coming to GameStop October 13th for $120

- Video: Sony’s PSP Go leaks out before E3, is obviously a go

- Afrika Screenshots & Gameplay Movies

– MODS in the News ——————————————–
- Stryder’s mapping tip
– Modding ——————————————————

- Left 4 Dead Addicts: how to install the L4D beta SDK

– Gaming ——————————————————-

- Modern Warfare 2 – Reveal Trailer

- Brink Teaser Trailer Released

- Homefront Revealed

- The Saboteur E3 09 Trailer

- Natural Selection 2 Trailer + Preorder

- CrimeCraft Is Now Best Buy Exclusive

- Front Mission Evolved

- Wolfenstein in August

– Politics, Companies, Events ———————————–

- Trade Used Games in Florida, Get Thumbprinted

– Other ——————————————————–

- foyle’s rant
- Global PC software, hardware sales hit $68 billion in 2008 – Study

- Weekly PC Sales

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