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MODSonair Episode 122

This is episode 122 of MODSonair recorded live on April 6, 2008 and brought to you by

April Fools, XP til 2010, Windows 7, Fistful of Frags, MODSCON, BFE Presents, Make Something Unreal, Frontlines Patch, Map Montage, Mercenaries 2, Tiberium, Gears of War Movie, Battlefield Heroes, Thief 4, Zero Ballistics, Morgan on Tyra, Violent Journalism, 72 Percent, Best Selling Games, Games in 2008, Freeman Lives, Shirt Giveaway, more…

**This show may contain explicit language or adult themes.

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Run time: 66:45
Website Link: HERE

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Show Notes:

- April Fools!

– Hardware –

- Microsoft to keep selling XP until 2010 – sort of

- Gates: Windows 7 may come ‘in the next year’

– MODS in the News –

- Fistful of Frags

– Modding –


- BFE Presents $100 Cash Map Contest

- Make Something Unreal

– Gaming –

- Frontlines: Fuel of War Patch

- Call of Duty 4 – Map Pack Montage

- Mercenaries 2 Trailer

- Tiberium Xbox 360 Screenshots

- Gears of War Movie Update

- Battlefield Heroes Interview, With Modding Questions

- Thief 4 Hint?

- Zero Ballistics Open Beta

– Companies, Events and Politics –

- Watch Morgan Webb Totally Degrade Video Games on the Tyra Banks Show

- Violent Game “Journalism”

– Other –

- 72 Percent Of US Population Play Video/PC Games

- The Best Selling PC Games (week ending March 22)

- What PC Games We’ll See in 2008

- Gordon Freeman Lives!

- Shirt Giveaway

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