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MODSonair Episode 098

This is episode 98 of MODSonair recorded on October 21, 2007 and brought to you by

Naughty gamer mottos, One Console Future, Portal, Image Sculpturer, Painkiller: Overdose Demo, Call of Duty 4, Games in Ubuntu, GTA IV Multiplayer, Gears of War, Stargate Worlds, TimeShift, Soldier of Fortune, Hellgate EULA, Gametap 1,000th Game, E For All, Britain recruiting spies, Best Selling Games, Concept Art Contest, Atari, more…

**I don’t think I need to say it anymore, but this show may contain explicit language.

Gearing up for MODSonair Episode 100. You will want to be a part of our 100th episode when we air LIVE on November 4th. Prizes are to be had! Listen to this show and check HERE for more information.

Run time: 68:27
Website Link: HERE

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Show Notes:

— Consoles –

– Microsoft gets tough on naughty gamer mottos……

– Electronic Arts Exec Wants a ‘One Console Future’…

— MODS in the News –

– Half-Life 2: Portal…

— Modding –

– Image Sculpturer v1.0 Released…

— Gaming –

– Painkiller: Overdose Demo

– Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfaree – TV Spot

– How To: Run Team Fortress 2, Portal, Half-Life 2, HL2 EP 1&2 In Ubuntu Using Wine…

– GTA IV To Support 16-Person Multiplayer…

– Gears of War for the PC goes Gold

– Stargate Worlds Set to Release Fourth Quarter 2008

– TimeShift Q&A…

– Soldier of Fortune Gets Refused Classification After All…

– Hellgate Adware, Hell of a EULA…

— Companies, Events and Politics –

– Gametap Approaches 1,000th Game – Offers up Free Sam & Max

– E For All

– E For All Ends Early With Blackout

– Britain recruiting spies with ads embedded in video games…

– Atari Shareholders None Too Pleased with Board Overhaul

– The Best Selling PC Games (week ending Oct 6)

— Other –

– Concept Art Contest

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