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MODSonair Episode 037

This is episode 37 of MODSonair recorded on August 20, 2006 and brought to you by

Quad-core, Terahertz Processors, HDMI certified, Phantom Back, FEAR Combat, Company of Heroes, SourceTV, BF2142 beta, Prey 2, CoD2 Pocket PC, million COD2 maps, CoD3 Austin Game Conference, In-game advertising, Thompson To Stop Bully, MODSCON Quake 4, Try Before Buy, and more…

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Run time: 70:57
Website Link: HERE

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Show Notes:

- Quad-core race…

- Terahertz Processors…

- MSI announces world’s first “HDMI certified” graphics card…

- Phantom Rematerializes…

- F.E.A.R. Combat Released

- Company of Heroes has gone gold

- improvements to SourceTV have been released…

- Battlefield 2142 beta opened and closed

- Prey 2 is Gestating

- Call of Duty 2 coming to Pocket PC…

- million in COD2 maps sold

- CoD3 Videos

- Austin Game Conference

- In-game advertising goes too far…

- Jack Thompson Files Suit To Stop Bully, Claims Victory

- MODSCON Quake 4 Announcement

- Try Before You Buy

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