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MODSonair Episode 026

This is episode 26 of MODSonair recorded on May 28, 2006 and brought to you by

$250n Wii, Future Play 2006, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2007, Unreal 2007, Painkiller: Hells Wars, Gears Of War Fall, BF2: Armored Fury, BF2142, CoD2 Coverage by BFGeeks, parents and society, video games toviolence, Phantom Entertainment and more.

*note: I was unable to get an interview with The-Swede for this episode.
*note: A few of us are taking a trip and will probably not be able to build next weeks episode. Sorry, but you will have to wait two weeks for the next.

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USA (New Jersey): 732-993-3627

Run time: 53:54
Website Link: HERE

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Show Notes:

- Nintendo Puts $250 Price Tag on Wii

- Future Play 2006

- S.T.A.L.K.E.R. out next year

- Unreal 2007

- Painkiller: Hells Wars

- Gears Of War set for autumn release

- BF2: Armored Fury
- Trailer made by fans…

- BF2142 Trailer…

- CoD2 Coverage by BFGeeks

- parents are being misguided by societal messages…

- Study downplays link of video games to violence…

- Infinium Labs to become Phantom Entertainment

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