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MODSonair Episode 022

This is episode 22 of MODSonair recorded on April 30, 2006 and brought to you by

We chat with foyleman, Stryder and PleaseMYOB about MODSonair website, PS3 Date and Pricing, Wii, Brain training, Ageia, Ritual Podcast, E3 Titles, E3 Xbox Live, E3 press list, Valve to Xbox 360, War Rock, Prey, Google SketchUp and more.

Run time: 56:47
Website Link: HERE

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Show Notes:

- MODSonair new website

- PS3 Release Date, Pricing Revealed

- Nintendo name swap sparks satire
- Joking?…

- Oops! Brain training doesn’t help aging brains…

- Ageia in May for $300

- Ritual Podcast of SiN Episodes

- E3 Titles are being announced

- Free week to accompany E3 Xbox Live push…

- E3 press list exposed…

- Valve coming to Xbox 360

- War Rock

- Prey Super Trailer and Demo plans…

- Free Google SketchUp software

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