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MODSonair Episode 020

This is episode 20 of MODSonair recorded on November 20, 2005 and brought to you by

* This is our last show before our extended break. Listen to find out more.

We chat with foyleman, Stryder, PleaseMYOB AND Foxhound about AMD Quad Core, $100 laptop, Major League Gaming, HL2 Xbox, SiN Episodes, Darwinia on Steam, Serious Sam 2, Quake 4 Patch and SDK, Spike TV Awards, Parents suing blizzard, California WoW addicts, German Ban, Stalker, Bargain games, Mapping tips, more…

Run time: 01:26:56
Link: HERE (right click, save-as)

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Show Notes:

AMD’s Quad Core Plans

MIT unveils $100 laptop to the world

Major League Gaming on TV?…

Half-Life 2 heads to Xbox…

SiN Episodes Q&A

Darwinia Coming To Steam

On Serious Sam 2

Quake 4 Patch, SDK Released

Spike TV Awards…

Parents suing blizzard over WoW addiction

California firm offers chastity belt for WoW addicts

- German Legislation Seeks to Ban Violent Games

Stalker News…

Weekly Bargain Game
Weekly Mapping Tips

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